TOWN TOUR from $55pp
9 am – 7 days a week (2 pm TOUR for larger group bookings only)

See the best there is to see of THE RIDGE – from $55pp. Highlights of this tour: Guided underground mine tour at WALK IN MINE, AMIGOS CASTLE, morning tea, opal cutting demonstration, herritage miners camps like GEM SEEKERS PARADISE , surrounding opal fields of our town and much more…….

FULL DAY TOUR from $120pp
Grawin, Glengarry & Sheepyard Opal Fields and three bush pubs

The real deal outback opal mining experience from $120pp. On this FULL DAY TOUR you will visit all three unique bush pubs located out on the opal fields and go fossicking for opals.
Let OUTBACK OPAL TOURS take you on the dirt roads and give your car a brake…

A HIDDEN GEM – Mel&Susie EVENING TOUR              (TOUR unfortunately NOT available in 2021)

The night is hosted by, award-winning entertainers, Mel & Susie in their off-grid art camp on the opal fields. Includes camp oven dinner & dessert, guided camptour and show at A HIDDEN GEM bush theatre. Don’t miss it…

Group tours


We can organise our tours for larger groups, for coaches, fly-in groups or as a private tour.

Please enquire about details and any tailored tours for your group…

OUTBACK OPAL TOURS offers daily tours

All our tours can be booked online or simply give us a call to book your tour today.


Why OUTBACK OPAL TOURS to explore the town?

We offer real tours by locals for the real experience. Let us show you what we do and why we live in the RIDGE. Come on tour with us for a memorable outback experience for all age groups. OUTBACK OPAL TOURS is an accredited tour operator and has been around since 2004. All tour guide are locals with opal (mining) experience. We pride ourselves on the high standard of our guides who are all very passionate about their home town and the opal industry. They all have the knowledge of local history, culture, geology and environment you came to find out and we are excited to share all our stories with you.

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See the best there is to see of the Ridge