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Let us show you what we do and WHY we live in THE RIDGE. Give your car a break, relax on our bus and have a great time seeing this unique place you always wanted to see. We will entertain you with plenty of local tales, humour and laughs along the way. Learn all about our world famous black opal and opal mining. All our great tour guides are very proud to call THE RIDGE their home. We will pick you up from your accommodation place in town or from the Visitor Information Centre.


Daily 9am & 2pm – 7 days a week Included in this tour is entry fee for WALK-IN MINE, morning/afternoon tea & entry fee for AMIGO’S CASTLE
Adults $60 pp
Seniors $55 pp
Family of 2 Adults & 2 Children $140
(any additional children 5-15 years) $20


9 am daily

See the best there is to see of THE RIDGE

Duration of this tour: 3 hours +

Minimum guests number: 2

Availability: 9 am  – 7 days a week (2 pm TOWN TOUR for larger groups only – please enquire)

  • All our guides grew up or have lived in our opal mining town for a long time and proudly call it home.
  • Visit the WALK-IN MINE (Opal Mine Adventure) and experience first-hand the conditions and atmosphere of opal mining on a guided underground tour with us. This mine has easy access (wide stairs and rails) and was originally a real working mine.
  • Travel through the scenic Three Mile Opal Fields to see historical miners camps like Gem Seekers Paradise and how people live on the surrounding opal fields of the RIDGE
  • Visit Lunatic Hill open cut – the biggest open cut in Lightning Ridge
  • We will take you past AMIGO´S CASTLE – a well-loved landmark here in town. You will hear Amigos’ story and get a description of its history.
  • Hear about life past and present on the opal fields, and about the amazing and quirky characters that choose to live here.
  • Complimentary morning tea (coffee/assorted tea/biscuits/GF-biscuits available)
  • Learn about our world-famous precious Black Opal and opal mining in Lightning Ridge.
  • Want to see how opal is transformed from the rough into a beautiful gem? Our opal cutting demonstration will take you into the workshop of an experienced opal cutter and an expert in her field. You will also have the opportunity to sight a great variety of exquisite opals browsing through the shop.
  • Fantastic photo opportunities on this tour. We are happy to stop the bus for you to get the picture you want – just let us know.
  • If you know the show Outback Opal Hunters on Discovery Channel you will see some of the places seen on the show and learn more about the teams.
  • Pickup/drop-off from all accommodation places in town or the Lightning Ridge Visitor Information Centre.

These are only some of the things you will experience when coming on tour with us. We love Lightning Ridge and we are very passionate about our black opal industry. There is so much to see & to hear and it will be a great experience for you to see our unique outback mining town of Lightning Ridge with OUTBACK OPAL TOURS.


Availability – 7 days a week Minimum of six guests per tour. Included is Devonshire Morning Tea (tea or coffee) and lunch at the Glengarry Hilton (drinks at your own expense)
Adults $125 pp
Seniors $120 pp
Children 5-15 years $75


Grawin, Glengarry & Sheepyard Opal Fields and three bush pubs

The Real Deal Outback Opal Mining Experience

Minimum guest number: 6

Duration of tour: 7 – 7.5 hours +

Availability: 7 days a week 

Take a trip back in time and experience what Lightning Ridge was like 40 years ago. Our FULL DAY TOUR to the Grawin, Glengarry & Sheepyard Opal fields is a genuine experience you will never forget. A lot of the mining for our world-famous black opal happens in this area and you will see all the sights and all three unique bush pubs out there. Our experienced local tour guide will keep you informed and entertained throughout the day.

  • Heading from Lightning Ridge about 80km through farming country  to the opal fields
  • Stop for Devonshire Morning tea at the SHEEPYARD INN and chat with the local miners.
  • At the famous Grawin CLUB IN THE SCRUB, you will see their log style clubhouse and unique golf course
  • Travel through the mining fields, view working mines and opal mining machinery. You will get insight into the daily grind of being an opal miner and what is involved in mining in a remote community
  • Try your luck fossicking (looking for opals) on the Mullock heaps/dumps with the instruction and guidance of your tour guide
  • Enjoy your lunch from the tucker van at the GLENGARRY HILTON. Mix with the locals and grab a coldy at the bar if you feel like one
  • Visit the Sheepyard community War Memorial at Lake Beard. We will take you inside their museum for a look around.
  • At our stop at Sweeney’s community shop, you have the opportunity to buy some handmade souvenirs or opal specimens
  • Unique and quirky photo opportunities on the trip all day.
  • Pickup / drop-off from your accommodation place or the Lightning Ridge Visitor Information Centre


Hosted by Mel & Susie on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday nights for a minimum of eight guests. Duration 2.5 hours + This tour includes dinner, dessert (billy tea/coffee) and show at A HIDDEN GEM bush theatre
Adults $80 pp
Seniors $80 pp

A HIDDEN GEM – EVENING TOUR hosted by award-winning bush poets and entertainers Mel & Susie

Minimum guest number: n/a

Duration: n/a

Availability: Sorry but this tour is NOT available in 2021

On this tour, you have the opportunity to go inside a beautiful and unique off-grid art-camp on the opal fields. A HIDDEN GEM was created by local art legend John Murray. It is the latest tourist attraction in Lightning Ridge and can only be visited on this tour with OUTBACK OPAL TOURS exclusively.

  • Come on a guided camp tour and hear the story of A HIDDEN GEM
  • Enjoy hearty Aussie camp-oven tucker around the campfire under a thousand stars (Vegetarian/Dairy-free/Gluten-free options available – please pre-book.
  • Relax, make new friends and experience pure Aussie outback magic.
  • Be entertained by your hosts – the award-winning duo and Aussie Champion Bush Poets Mel Susie in their A HIDDEN GEM bush theatre.
  • End the evening with billy-tea and yummy dessert before getting back on our bus to be conveniently dropped off at your accommodation.

Experience fantastic outback hospitality with two true-blue entertaining storytellers and Australian bush poetry champions Mel & Susie. Esky is available to cool your beverages if you like to bring some.


Do yourself a favour and don’t miss this very special tour if you are around


discount for multiple tour bookings

If you come on tour with us you will receive our loyalty customer card. You will receive a discount for the second and third tour you book with us

  • Receive $5 off per person for the second tour you will book with OUTBACK OPAL TOURS


available for all tours

If you are looking for a special present why not purchase a GIFT VOUCHER(S) for one or all of our tours. You can purchase a gift voucher online. Further questions and enquiries please contact [email protected]

See the best there is to see of the Ridge